Protect Reiki Practice, Teaching, & Access

Reiki is being threatened in this country by proposed legislation that seeks to create standards for the way we publicly practice and teach Reiki. And how you access Reiki.

*If licensure legislation passes in one state, other states will copy it.
*Many will be forced to meet additional educational requirements, pay fees for licensure and pay fees in excess of many thousands of dollars to have their teaching programs approved.
*This will force many practitioners and teachers out of business.

Please know that I signed the petition “Protect the Right to Practice, Teach and Access Alternative Healing Therapies in MA” and request you help by adding your name.

The link for petition:

For more information and to follow progress if you choose to, please visit

Be aware that you may be contacted to sign more than one petition as other states propose similar legislation. Your continuing support would be appreciated greatly.

I believe our support is vital to the continuation of Reiki public practice/teaching/access as we know it.

Hoping you’ll join my in supporting Reiki by signing the petition.

Continued blessings,


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