Saluting Our Veterans

Veterans benefiting from Reiki therapy

We all feel gratitude for our Veterans’ service. These men and women have given so much in support of our Country. In return it is my honor to offer our local Veterans the gift of Reiki, a natural healing therapy.

In 2017, I created the Healing Hands Unit, a Reiki volunteer program at our Veterans Administration Medical Center in Kerrville, Texas. I’ve had the pleasure accompanying my Reiki students in hundreds of visits with inpatient Veterans to share Reiki with them.

This gentle hands-on therapy brings profound relaxation to the Veterans, often allowing them to experience physical and emotional relief. The sessions take place in their rooms with three Reiki practitioners placing their hands in a series of positions on the Veteran’s body.

It is a blessing for us each to witness the Veterans relax under our hands – their faces relaxing, their breathing deepening, their tremors subsiding. Some of these Veterans are verbal and can thank us for sharing Reiki with them as we say good bye and thank them for their military service. Others sleep on quietly as we slip from their rooms following their Reiki sessions.

At my studio, in continued gratitude I offer a discount to Veterans and their caregivers for both private sessions and for training. Reiki is easy to learn and practical to use daily on yourself and on others if you choose. This natural healing therapy complements other therapies as well – medication, surgery, counseling, physical therapy, etc.

Please contact me for more information to support yourself and those you love with Reiki.

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