Reiki Training and Events

Reiki I Training with Anne Schneider

Traditional Teaching Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing – Reiki

  • Reiki is a natural healing art that anyone can learn.
  • Reiki can be used for yourself and any other living thing.
  • Reiki is a safe, non intrusive, non-invasive hands-on therapy.
  • Reiki catalyzes the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • Reiki supports other therapies to balance body/mind/spirit.

Reiki I training is a hands-on experience, given in four consecutive three-hour sessions, and follows the form of a full treatment.  Time is given for instruction and practice in each session.  By the end of the training you will have given and received a full Reiki treatment.

At a Reiki I training you will learn everything you need to know to give Reiki to yourself and others: people, plants, animals, any living thing.  The Reiki training, with four attunements to your natural healing energy, is a way to reawaken and reconnect with your natural healing abilities.

Reiki I Training with Master Anne Schneider at Ventana al Cielo Studio, Kerrville, Texas

FRI 6:30 – 9 p.m., SAT 12:30 – 5:30 p.m., SUN 9:30 – noon
Fee: $225* includes Guidebook and Certificate of Training; $150* for Veterans and their families and caregivers; Group Discounts available

*Paid registration due the Saturday before the scheduled event.

Reiki Master in Kerrville TXReiki II Training with Anne Schneider

Traditional Teaching Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing – Reiki

  • Reiki II Training allows you to deepen your connection with your natural healing abilities, and to explore new dimensions of healing.  Reiki II allows you to focus, increase and direct the flow of Reiki energy you learned in the first level training. You can “send” Reiki energy to yourself or anyone else, any relationship or any situation in any time or space – past, present and future.
  • Reiki II Training is available for those who have completed Level I training with Anne and developed a strong self-practice of Reiki for a minimum of three months, and have given and received at least three full Reiki I treatments.
  • Reiki II Training is a hands-on experience, typically held over two days within a week’s time. Time is given for instruction and practice in each session.  You will learn symbols and methods to incorporate into physical treatments, and to be able to send Reiki over time and space in as focused a way as if you were in the same room.

Reiki II Training with Anne Schneider at Ventana al Cielo Studio
Scheduled by request. Workshop requires several days between first session and final sessions.
Cost: $500*  includes Manual and Certificate of Training
*Paid registration due two weeks before the scheduled workshop.

For current scheduled dates of training workshops, visit Anne’s blog on this site. For information on how to register or how to schedule or host a workshop for your group, business, or organization – contact Anne Schneider:  or call Anne at 830-739-5828.

Free Public Reiki Talks & Demonstrations:

Talks include a history of Reiki with hands-on demonstrations

For currently scheduled Reiki talk dates & locations, see Anne’s blog on this website. To schedule a talk for your group, contact Anne at or 830-895-3361

Reiki Shares for students initiated by Anne Schneider:

Anne invites all her students to attend monthly Reiki Shares at no charge. Unless otherwise notified, Shares are hosted by Ventana Al Cielo Studio in Kerrville, Texas. Reiki Shares offer support to local practitioners through discussions of Reiki experiences and shared questions & answers. Reiki is practiced in group sessions according to the Usui System of Natural Healing Reiki as taught by Anne Schneider. Each participant receives and gives Reiki during the Shares.