Back to School: Reiki 101

It’s that time of year again…kids (of all ages) are back in school. So it seems like a good time to review some important information regarding wellness.

There are so many wonderful ways to support your health. Did you know one of
the simplest beneficial healing therapies is Reiki? This integrative therapy is the perfect complement to many treatments—including pharmaceutical, physio-, and psycho-therapies. 

Reiki raises the body’s energy to stimulate the immune system and catalyze the body’s natural ability to heal itself. And because Reiki is non-manipulative
and non-invasive, it also is ideal for pain management. 

Now is the time to discover what over 60 US hospitals and clinics offer their patients to enhance and support wellness.  

Look for a qualified Reiki practitioner in your area…make an appointment for a Reiki session today. After experiencing Reiki energy at the hands of a trained Reiki practitioner, you might just decide to go “back to school.” 

Reiki is easy to learn – anyone can practice Reiki on themselves (and others, if they wish) after a single 10-hour training workshop from a qualified Reiki Teaching Master. 

Be sure to ask any prospective teacher about their Reiki lineage (who was their teacher, their teacher’s teacher, etc.), and about their training for teaching (how long, how many classes, continuing contact with their Teaching Master).

Better yet, schedule an appointment for a Reiki session with a prospective teacher…see if you “click” with their personality and Reiki style…be a smart student! 

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