This year is off to a great start…lots of new energy in town for 2014!

It’s been my privilege to offer several free Reiki talks and demos to the public here in Kerrville, TX. These included drawings for a complimentary full session of Reiki – 75 minutes on the table to relax and remind the body what “normal” is: balanced, right where the body needs to be to support natural healing.

First off was The Center for Fitness’ annual new year’s open house. Lots of folks stopped by on January 14 for chair-demos of Reiki and to hear about the many benefits of Reiki, with a bit of Reiki history included. The lucky winner of that day’s drawing is now a returning client and is happy to report the elimination of his chronic back pain and a reduction in his neck pain with Reiki.

Earlier this week was the Peak Fitness open house for Reiki on January 27. Again, lots of people interested in finding out what Reiki is and how it feels (hard to explain without those hands-on demos!). Also many inquiries about Reiki training. I’ll be meeting with this drawing’s winner next Monday for her complimentary Reiki session.

MY NEXT FREE PUBLIC REIKI TALK AND DEMO WILL BE AT ANNIE’S APOTHECARY #2 ON FEBRUARY 26 FROM 1-2 P.M. Come on by to hear about and experience Reiki…and for a chance to win the drawing for a complimentary Reiki session.

Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a Reiki talk with demos for your office, business, organization, or group…I can design a program to fit your needs and time availability!

I see clients at three convenient locations in Kerrville…

* Ventana Al Cielo Studio – my private studio in a beautiful local setting
* The Center for Fitness – a nice gym that allows me to offer Reiki on-site
* Peak Fitness – another great gym where I can offer Reiki to the public

Email me today with any questions and to schedule your Reiki appointment or group program.

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